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Birgitta Jonsdottir


Reykjavik, Iceland

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shadows in paradise


Birgitta Jonsdottir

finding you
in the fields of dreams
a miracle

interacting exchange
deeper then deep
layer by layer
I peal the onion
of perception
reach into my own fear
for answers
at the top layer is the shadow
it is intoxicated with
the habit of isolation

I reach for oneness
beyond the layer of fear

after tasting
the ripe mangos
the sweetness
of you
the interactive exchange
of pure sweet love
after being love
with you
it tears me
apart to feel the top layer

what to do
what to do

shivering in my own shell of fear
intoxicating suffocating
beyond fear

what to do

let it unfold
or run away

fear singing on my shoulders
love singing in my heart

can we peal the layers
of self destructive habits
to nest in the layers of love
to extract the beauty
the miracles of life
and move beyond this fear
into love