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Lesley Jones


Dallas, TX, US

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You're the One


Lesley Jones

I never thought we would come this far
Lovers we shall stay
I thank God I found you
One purpose I pray

Ever since the day we met
I never knew it would be you
The one who loved me from day one
The love that became so true

Sometimes I'm shocked that you are really mine
The one I think about every day
All the time
As you hold me in your arms ever so tight
It gives me the urge to make love to you
All day,all night

So as I sit and wonder
How life would be
If I weren't to meet you
And if you weren't to meet me
To know that our love will never fade
Or shall shead a tear
We'll just hold each other tight
Whenever we sense fear

So lets live our life
And have plenty of fun
Just remember always and forever
You're the One