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Tiffannie Jones


Houston, TX, US

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Tiffannie Jones

You can write what you donít feel.
Letters on paper, but not at all real.
Words, but do you know what they mean?
I love you! But thatís not what it seems.
Time wasted, but what else to do?
Thoughts in my mind, but not about you.
The pen in my hand has itís own mind.
But the deepest thoughts will come in time.
Thereís no need to rush, but just let it all flow.
Feelings expressed through words develop slow.
Never test the talents of your heart.
Always let it test you and add up its parts.
What you feel is from deep within.
Get into the rhythm and watch your pen.
Let it pour out straight from your soul.
Never hold back is what Iíve been told.
The heart of a poet shouldnít show that youíre scared.
Because when people read your work they know your life was shared.