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Don Johnson


Westfield, NY, US

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Don Johnson

You be the ocean, I'll be the sky
give eachother color, reflect some light.
On a beautiful night together we'll dream,
between our eyes we won't miss a thing.
I'd love to love you and have you feel the same,
someone to share with, someone to claim.

I want to be thrown into your world,
as I'm barely a man and you're just a girl;
am I confused... would you reject me too?
I drop to my knees and beg of you
for the fur to find, the gumption to ask
For I don't have the power, I don't have the class.
But I need you now and you might not see
God had you in mind when he made me
As you are the ocean and I am the sky
together were perfect there's just you and I.