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Kieran J. Johnson


Liverpool, England, UK

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Kieran J. Johnson

Every gorgeous cut will hang its rags
Blithely to the kind damask of day
Still glistening beneath the blistered scabs
There bleeds the precious flesh of nature`s way.

So forging through the senses flies the flame
Further than the moon could move the sea
And calling like the cormorant cries its name,
The silence deafens all my brides to be.

Striking out the suns in Able`s thigh,
First born of all the plagues that state our years,
The first exposure stings the new-made eye
To ark-wise ever after freeze the tears;

In mimickry it carves into the sand
Arterial scriptures of my crabbing hand.

Piper Rhyme


Kieran J. Johnson

Such expressive remnants -
spiced with garnet glitters
the air, a fish in its mail.
Rainbow spray, iron pyrite.
Holds itself in the folds
of where your notes were,
flashes to transcend
and dives

Such stillness conducts you -
gold melts in the cullet
rays of the sugarcane sun.
Lucent raindrop interior.
An undimmed memoryof where your notes were
flashes in the mind,
a time.