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Ethan Johns


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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For my love, Veronica


Ethan Johns

I dreamt I fell
in love with you
I dreamt I lost my heart
My empty soul
Was overcome
and knew we'd never part

I dreamt a dream
of moments dear
of wondrous joys so fine
I dreamt a dream
that I was yours
and you forever mine

A life..a past
of mem'ries dim
of dreams we'd never lost
A birth anew
fresh hope and love
and never look for cost

Mi amante, mi corazsn, mi Veronica


Ethan Johns

A gentle breeze
slips through my mind
and clears my soul
of pains unkind.

A gentle breeze,
my hearts delight
to warm my depths
'till you I sight.

A gentle breeze,
caressing kiss.
I love you Dear
Let's not miss

The chance to grow
the chance to love
Two souls enjoined
as from above.

A hold so tight
just makes you near,
and feels so right
with you my dear.

It's you I love,
It's you I need.
For you my dove
I herewith plead

Just love me true
and hold me tight,
And stay with me
all through the night.

Je suis pour vous, car vous jtes pour moi mon Veronica d'amour (I)


Ethan Johns

The house is empty
as is my heart
when you're not here love
and we are apart

My soul cries out
for you alone
"Till we're rejoined
And you are at home

An empty place
when you're not here
To you I'll race
never to fear

A fear that we
will burn too bright
Consume ourselves
and light the night

A smallest part
to make me sigh
when ev'ry night
with you I'd lay

Make love with you
t'would make me cry
and sink to my soul
to surely die

Die raptous heart
delight divine
never to part
I'm yours, you mine

Je suis pour vous, car vous jtes pour moi mon Veronica d'amour (II)


Ethan Johns

As you go through the day
Remember there is someone thinking of you
Loving you, wishing you were in my arms.
I can never let you go
for you are my life, my world, my dreams come true.
If I never achieved anything else
but to have won your love
my entire life has been fulfilled
and has meaning and purpose.
I love you, my darling.
Love, passion, devotion, respect
with all my soul and always remember
as you go through your day lover
I am yours.