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Marian Osemudiame John


Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria

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You Must Be Strong


Marian Osemudiame John

Hey! are you living there?
then you must be strong.
The struggling of entering a cab
The jumping into a bus before
it stop.
You must be strong
Money snash from hands
with a commands
Then you must be strong
Yes, freedom of movement
but, you dare not pass with
Pan on head at the
market without being taxed.
Are you still there?
You must be strong.

Monkey dey work bamboo
dey chop.
Yes, the "Alaye boz"
waithing at every juction
with their MASTER on black
to demand for the "shandy note"
with their tormenting language
Oh you must be strong

The heavy odour moving
around every area.
What a rush life?
The rice you eat
full of stones
stew carry flies
a loaf with sands
You must be strong.
Yes, to be there, hun,
you must be strong.

Blessed Womb


Marian Osemudiame John

Oh yes I have made up
my mind to do away
with them all.
I have decided to recalled
the past and throw away
every unuseful material
I have decided to do away with
them i said.
But one thing i can
never do away with
But one thing i can never
the precious womb that
accomodate me.

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The Broken Pots


Marian Osemudiame John

Oh Iye! Iye!!
my heart do stay close with
my bossom one
whom I layed close to the breast
Is gone,
without ulttereing a word to me
Yes, gone to return no more.

Let the trees bear alone
the burden,
Felicia, the looked- unto
The heart of the family,
the solid pot of Ejiola
has broken.

Inyinma! Inyinma!!
the root of home
my dearing and hope to meet
The only reminder of home
has also layed, (Tears)
Without opening eyes forver.

What is happening?
Why so soon?
Not even to wait a while.
Is it meant to be so?
Oh my old ones.

Woman Be warned


Marian Osemudiame John

Woman! Be warned
Do not give yourself,
to That man,
to the destructive of ur flesh
Do not
Else you provoke God

Woman, be warned
Though, He comes with
flourishing tale
But, be warned

He will deny you.
When it formed embryo
he will forget
the good tale he do tell

Woman be warned
He will provoke you
to murderer
The Lord will judge you.
and the souls
of the little babe
shall go after you.
Woman! I said be warned.

Today’s Agony


Marian Osemudiame John

What kind of creature am I?
I do not know.
The organisms of whom we lived in one
Habitat speak evil against me
The floor which I am standing on
is as hot as a burning iron.
those whom I guide pronounce
evil judgment against me
Those I protected want me dead
those I love protest against me
I care, but no body cares about me
All in one voice want me dead
I wonder why I was created.
O yes, from my Mother's womb the rain
Had been beating me.
O' when will the rain cease?
Darkness had eaten up my eyes
All my bones are cleaving to flesh
Stone serving as my pillow
Yes, sad to be an orphan
oh' i see you mama
but you can't help it all.
I am pleading and seeking
for tomorrow to come
tears prepared morning drinks
O' you Agony!
what have I done to deserve these?
Well, today is your day.
Tomorrow will be bright
like a morning star
tomorrow is full of hope.

Builder’s plan


Marian Osemudiame John

The home in despair
garment stain for a note.

You will not see it now
but wait,

You are eating a conjuring tales
oh my sympathy to you and the un-notice kids

You are returning the note
in multiplication
you sold your crown
You sowed tears for the coming birds

you got brisket in your mouth
it will soon finish.

The widow, widower and orphans are bruised
the extant beggars in destitute smile.

The Appreciation


Marian Osemudiame John

Fiagbetor! Fiag...........
I really slept to think about you
the one I knew yester, yester
but you really sound prophetic this time

Money! Money!! Is not every thing
though money could do little, but not all

One who received billion pounds at a glance,
but without what you have given me, it is nothing.
Encouragement is the key of the day.

You sound so pity not able to help the matter,
you have done great thing
you have given natural Ice- water to the heart.

You waken up- the sick mind.
Your 26mins conversation of encouragement
has done great work,
is like a thousand million pounds to me.

I heard you singing wait! Wait!!
for the Lord to fight
for the Lord to make good path
a smile roll from my face
And I said truly, truly,
the Lord is able.