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Mike Johannesen


Northglenn, CO, US

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On Gossamer Wings


Mike Johannesen

Soaring aloft
the wind beneath our feet
Flying gracefully
into the light

Too soon
Our future becomes our past
and life has come and gone

But onward we go
to our final horizon
Where we find peace
and tranquility unknown to man

Where love abounds
and life is eternal
Here I shall stay

Until once again
The new dawn arises
and I will fly into the heavens
And I will live in all things
and I will love in all things

For where there is life
There will be love

And where there is love
there is eternal light

The light of peace
The light of truth
The light of love
The light of life

Reflections of Color


Mike Johannesen

A million stars shining bright
Paint a portrait only a few can see
Intense, and vast as the sea
but take a moment and recall

Summers lazing in the hills
Staring blindly into open sky
Swarms of creatures drifting by
To change and fade away from view

Rainbows aren't forever
their brilliance shines anew
But soon they are forgotten
Once hidden from our view

Starry moonlit night
casts shadows on the hills
Coyote's call and Whipoorwills
Blend in to a symphony, but still

Saguaros stand alone
Waiting in the dead of night
Waiting for the early light
To bathe this desert with light

Rainbows aren't forever
Their colors sharp from red to blue
And tho' I'll keep chasing them for now, I'll find
The one I'm looking for, in time
Tonight this rainbow touches down on you

And when the dawn arrives
does it bring tears to your eyes
or does a rainbow dawn on you

Time it slips away
every moment, every day
so live it like it was your very last

Rainbows are so precious
for their always in the present
they give it all, for their future is the past

So love to live the rainbows
live to love the rainbows
before time....
takes it from your grasp