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Search and seek the world today



Search and seek the world today
try and find a spiritual place to stay
try and find comfort there
find a spot to stand and stare

Where all wonders are disclosed
Where no attitudes are posed
What a place this must surely be
Thereís something there for you and me

But though you search through every land
through sea and wood and even sand
This wondrous place youíll never find
The place to seek is way behind

We left it behind so long ago
that now itís a place we never go
We never go for we fear to look
We would rather see a film or read a book

or anything to take our mind
from discovering what we seek to find
a place thatís calm and peaceful now
a place of love with never a scowl

A place where everyoneís a friend
where joy flows on with never an end
the place you seek is not without
it will not appear when you stand and shout

it steals upon you quietly
and suddenly youíre there
sometimes a word sometimes a chord
sometimes a simple matter of realising that people care

for in solitude and quiet ways
the place we seek is found
you do not have to travel
even on a crowded street - your tensions can unravel

if you will face the one true fact
that deep within youíre pure
and kind and full of love
you do not have to go somewhere
or put on an act

you have to let that goodness out
first turn it on yourself
you can be kind and gentle
and see much good in simple things
even a single petal

Take and hold this lovely mood
feel the clouds surround you
soar above all earthly things
enjoy this warmth and light

The earthly cares and worries
fall away as autumn leaves
We are left just as we truly are
a beautiful radiant shining star

We don't like 'em



We donít like Ďem
Weíre superior see
how many times you hear it
this hate is spread with glee

These divisions on the surface
are enlarged for greed and power and gain
they cannot make us happy
only give rise to grief and pain

Our true nature beneath the surface
is of love, truth and purity
these labels Christian Moslem Jews
donít mean we are not the same
who was it said somewhere, what is in a name

Each in his turn is called to serve
heís on a track
he cannot swerve
today you hate his very guts
tomorrow youíre glad he tightened your wheel nuts

If every day you ease the path
and help a fellow traveller onward plod
do it with a cheerful heart
for we are all children of One Just God.