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Mpls, MN, US

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The World Left Her Behind


Riyan Jessie

Her will to live had stopped
And her spirit had as well
Did anyone care about her?
No, she couldn't tell
Her best friend had betrayed her
and left her in the dust
The will to live had grown shorter
But she felt she must
Her black belt was coming soon
but now it didn't matter
Her will to live had stopped
the suicide grip had grasped her
She wrote a note to someone-
anyone who cared
All the feelings inside her
all of them she shared
She never got to collage
or even the next day
For now she was in a new place new land
somewhere far away
She'd never grow old
or have a family
She'd never get her black belt
or win another trophy
The pain never left
but to her it did
Her parents didn't know what to think
she'd been their only kid
In the letter she'd written-
to the caring one
"I wish they'd look a wee bit deeper,
but they're all off having fun
They forget about me constantly-
as if I don't exist
It's time for me to go now
I cannot handle this."