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two hearts one love



In the beginning love was something we despised
Playing with dirt and dolls filled all our minds
But we learned sooner
Some later
That love was the ultimate prize

I know some people who learned that too
They played for the prize at least a time or two
Every time they lost they’d move a little closer
To finding two hearts
One love
To last a lifetime

They walk down a road seeking each other
Never knowing when they might meet one another
Bumping into some
Passing others by
This is how they’ll come together
And this is why
Hearts that are tempered
Hearts that are joyed
Make a love strong
And able to survive

I know some people who traveled that road
Hit a few forks
Yet forward they strode
every time they veered off and back on again
They moved a little closer
To finding two hearts
One love
To last a lifetime

Once in the end
When their hearts meet
There they can get
What they both seek
Love everlasting
Truth beyond reason
Happiness that is free
And not just for the season

I know some people
Whose hearts met
Fireworks big or small
That I can’t recollect
As long as love happened
It doesn’t matter how

Always in the end
They won a prize
Traveled a road
And met one another
At their last fork
And their last toss
It brought then to find
Two hearts
One love
To last a lifetime