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Broc Aaron Jennings


Leavenworth, KS, US

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Through the Eyes of a College Athlete


Broc Aaron Jennings

Being a college athlete for some is a dream come true.
Their hard work and dedication to the sport
has finally paid off and they are ready for their preview.

Little do they know that it is not all fun and games.
It is like owning your own business,
you have to work hard for your fortune and fame!

A true athlete plays for the love of the sport.
They give blood, sweat, tears, and time
to their school, team, and coach to show their support.

Unfortunately, good coaches will come and go.
Some you will love and others, well
you know!

Be ready for criticism, it can certainly take its toll.
Grin and bear it, work harder,
do not let it affect your soul.

Donít forget about the NCAA rules and regulations to follow.
And the positives and negatives from the Media,
that sometimes makes it hard to swallow.

Making the grades are definitely a must.
No time to socialize, or keep up on current events,
use your time wisely and learn to adjust.

Learn to balance your schedule as time permits,
remember academics should be the other reason
you decide to commit.

Time management is crucial while playing sports,
Professors are not always so nice when
your academics are lacking or you miss a report.

It is never easy to succeed, and no one likes to fail,
so be prepared for ups and downs,
and if you give 110% all of the time you will prevail.

There is no greater feeling than winning a big game,
except for knowing that playing a sport you love
could possibly lead you to fortune and fame.