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Larry D. Jennings


Dallas, TX, US

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Larry D. Jennings

Please try to understand my son, that's how it used to be;
When grass was green and skys were blue and you could find a tree.
You say you've never heard of trees and thought the sky was grey?
I know, my child, they all are gone. That's how it is today.

The sky was like your sisters eyes. I know, she's gone now too.
And yes, the sky's a dirty grey, but what I say is true.
The grass? It was a carpet, son, with creatures hid inside.
No, all the creatures are now gone and all the grass has died.

What was a tree? I can't explain it so you'ld understand.
Like giants they were with arms spread wide and leaves upon their hand.
A question waits upon your lips that I've no answer to.
You see, the leaves are also gone. No, I don't lie to you!

Don't walk away in doubt my son with teardrops in your eye.
Believe these words I tell you now for we're the last to die.
Too soon I'll leave you all alone. My time is drawing near.
Remember how it was, my son. Death's all that's left. Don't fear.



Larry D. Jennings

So mindless! Endanger one's love or a stranger.
Caresses doled with miser hands.

Mans constant abuses, Deaths rictus seduces.
Time passes in hourglass sands.

Lay waste Natures Mother. Bruise flesh and scar cover.
Death deep the foul pools you create.

Long ages, mistreated; slow poison secreated
Upon Her pain's horrible weight.

Hot tears of grey acid mar faces, once placid.
Burn beauty from body and soul.

No quenching the fire. Fates flames ever higher,
Inferno! Soon out of control.

Consumed... Deadly creatures deface Her fair features
With sickening thoughtless misdeed.

Life's seed, harshly planted; solace never granted
We harvest the dead crops of greed.

Road's end drawing nearer, Her plight seen no clearer.
When justice is dealt, we all lose.

Beware Man! The carnage created from Her rage;
Revenge is the balm She will choose.