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Vampire teeth



Squeezes the blade for shouts
Teases the mirror for her tiny reflections
She's got me shaving my head
Shedding my little imperfections
Things are getting shady
and shovey
Back to the wall
Nails in my skin
Things are getting heavy
and hovery
The air is too thick to even breathe in
Suck in your tongue
and the teeth that bear it
You've picked it out
and refuse to wear it
don't gimmie that
Overdrawn grin
I believe in my power
For which it barely stands
Slumped over your knee
Taking it like a man
You think like the devil
Smile like a saint
Have on my knees with your left hand
Things are getting disgraceful
And discouraging
Kicking for some release
Screaming for some relief
Things are getting careless
And costly
Kissing an angel
With vampire teeth
Suck in your brain
And the madness that bears
You've picked it out
Now let's see you wear it
Suck in your name
And the pain that makes it
You've dished out
Now let's see you take it...