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Chris Jenkins


Tampa, FL, US

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idiot babbles


Chris Jenkins

idiot babbles
can lead the rabble to battle
and cattle,
run to the sound of the war drum rattle
cowboy in his saddle
big guns leave even bigger shadows
on faces of children and
new found widows
surprise in lost eyes that try
to solve the riddles
made of beginnings and permanent ends
with no middles
Rome burns around our heads while
Nero fiddles
the theme song of a pointless generation

idiot babbles
the religion of materialistic masturbation
to fawning masses,
spews the brand names of our incorporated nation
and asses
bray with glee in their rush to perform
their sickening fellation
enthusiastic submission to meaningless consumerization
a trademarked life that's all so hollow

idiot babbles...
and idiots follow