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Kristin Jenkins


Endicott, NY, US

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Kristin Jenkins

A skyline once so beautiful
A landmark of our nation
Was taken down full of people
In total devastation

We are filled with such sorrow
There are no words that can explain
It's so hard to think of tomorrow
When our hearts ache with pain

Our eyes shed tears
Like rain falling from the sky
Loved ones we held so dear
Are no longer by our side

We will forever cherish the memory
Of the towers that once stood tall
And we will remember for eternity
Those lives that were lost in the fall



Kristin Jenkins

You know I try to fully feel and understand the loving grace of Almighty God.
I quickly collect myself and rest in the peace that surpasses mans understanding; still I ask myself why would He become man, absorb mankindís sin, get hammered to a cross of guilt and shame, a touch of grace, my Lord still gives me while Iím still to blame. I fail on a daily basis, and as I fall to my kneeís all I can say is a touch of grace covers me in degrees. The Son of man has been predestined to deliver us from our sin and darkness. No matter how hard we may struggle or try, our best efforts cannot replace Him who died, a touch of grace. Come Lord Jesus, you who took my place, you who covered the sins of the human race; even in the garden that dark lonely night; as blood shed from your pores face, even that night Iím sure you bled a touch of grace. I pray I never, ever forget, the early days of my salvation, when the politics of sin didnít cause complication, but I so willingly dropped to the ground, a holy place, a touch of grace, and heavenís destination.
"Come, Lord Jesus"
Your son, David 8-1-06-3-06