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Athena Jenken


Balmertown, ON, CA

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Looking Glass


Athena Jenken

Looking at the world,
Through someone elses eyes,
What would I feel,
What would the world hold for me?

For some...
Broken hearts, and lots of tears,
And for others...
Happiness, love and joy.

It could hold...
A bright future,
A glum past.

How would I handle it?
Would I like it?
Could I care?
Could I love?

Maybe I would see
Life as a challenge,
Or maybe,
As a useless waste.

If I loved,
Would it be with passion,
Or maybe,
Just blindly following, pretending to love and be loved.

Could I care about myself,
Enough to live,
Or not care,
Enough to die?

Maybe I should only glance,
Through others eyes,
And stare,
Through my own.