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Angel on Earth



Come down from heaven
Fall down on me.
Right here on earth
Is where you should be.

Whether you know it
Or not, youíre my all.
Once you are here,
No tears will fall.

It will be perfect
Just you and me.
Love, trust, and honor,
They are the best three.

You look so radiant,
Bright like and angel.
I know from the start,
Iím in no more danger.

Thereís nothing to fear,
No need to hide.
We have each other
For now and all time.

You hold me close,
Whisper in my ear
Of all things good
And right that are near.

I look up
Into your eyes
Crystal and clear
As blue as the skies.

Now I relax
Iím finally at peace
With all of my problems
Out of my reach.

Deep in my sleep,
I dream of a place,
A place of freedom
Way out in space.

But now, no more dreaming
This timeís for real.
Itís time to see
Just how freedom feels.

The morning sun rises;
The moon fades away.
I pray to God
To please let you stay.

Right here on Earth
Is where you belong.
Someone in heaven
Now sings your angel song.