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R. Jayakumar


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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The Earth's Cry


R. Jayakumar

I gave and continue_ to give,
I am the storehouse of your energy,
How can I restore mine?
If you donít replenish it!

You have reached my very core_
And how much do you want more?
You, stick to a Ďgive and takeí policy,
Then how about ME?

I have taken enough!!
_And too long_
Stop!! _This nonsense_
Donít anger ME_

You have only seen the fraction of ME!
I am loving, patient and kind!!
I am something, beyond your mind!!
I am elastic, but I am also wild!!

Much wilder than you can think of!!
Donít test my patience too long!!
How long, do you want ME?
To hear the cries of MY children?

How much blood do you _
Want me to drink?
Do you think it pleases ME?
Are you doing ME a favour?

I am sick and tired of you!!
STOP_I cry, STOP at once.
If you donít_
You will have to bear MY wrath.

If I breathe a little harder or more;
All, your volcanoes will blow!!
If I open MY eyes a little wilder_
There will be more bush fires!!

If two more tear drops fall_
The oceans will rise and _
Cover up all_there will be no land!!
Now, where do you stand?

Oh! Silly man, think_
Youíre on the brink_
Of your own destruction.
Do you want this Earth?

Then hold your hands_
And with ME_come and stand_
Youíre all MY children_
No one great, no one small_

Loved, by ME_Are ALL.