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Ishtar Jasmine


New Port Richey, FL, US

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You Judge Me?


Ishtar Jasmine

How can you look at me and judge me by the brand of my clothes or the style of my hair?
How can you say you're not when I can tell by your eyes and the way you stare?
Why won't you look into my eyes when you talk to me?
Are you scared by what you think you'll see?
When you look into my eyes you're staring into my soul
What, is that too much to handle, too much for your simple mind to control?
Who do you think you are? Telling me that I'm not cool
You think that being fake and unreal I'd be "cool" enough to be like you?
Do you want me to live in your world of perfect things?
Where no one believes anything is wrong, that they're all perfect beings?
I can't believe some would judge me, on the color of my skin
Or even blame me, though they shouldn't, for my origins.
Why do you treat me by my looks? Is that what really counts?
Does this mean that my personality, my individuality, all my hardwork only surmounts
To my looks and nothing else? Why? Why is it so?
That people should treats each so down and low?
Is it that we're all so shallow we can't see our own imperfections
Or is it just that we refuse to see our dark world of our own creation?
There's only one explanation.
Emptiness and plastic is what we have created in our minds, a fake world.
We have been keeping our true selves ties up, never allowing them to become unfurled.
Lest someone would know there is a true us,
Someone deep, someone who deserves trust.
Is is that we're afraid to be hurt? Afraid to be rejected?
Is it the path of happiness, though shallow, that we have elected?
Maybe it's best
Maybe I should just leave these questions be, back to their temporary rest.