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I see the beauty in her eyes
The grace and pride
she cannot hide
But something else therein lies

A gentle sadness
in her sighs
smiling tenderly
she never cries

Will not give in
admit defeat
"There's nothing to gain
when you complain"

But once in a while
There's a break in her smile
And it scares her to think
That she just might sink

To the depths of despair
where no one will care
But the years of denial
have built into a pile

And the weight of her pain
is more than she can bear
though complacency she feigns
pretending not to care

She needn't be so humble
when at times she falls or stumbles
For if only she'd reach out
she'd know without a doubt

That she need only call
and I would give my all
but she doesn't seem to see
how much she means to me