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Matthew Barry Jarvis


Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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The One I Love


Matthew Barry Jarvis

It is my love for you that is so strong
To hold you, is what I long
Letís get together and make no mistake
For falling in love with you, Was nothing short of fate

If a bullet was fired and heading your way
I would not hesitate, to gets in its way
For your life is more precious then my own
Sometimes I just wish, you wouldíve known

Your love I wish to have
To hold you, While glancing at the stars above
Are nothing short of what I long
To be able to say, that you are my own

I know things have gone wrong
And your past I cannot change, but it wonít take long
For me to make your future bright
For making you happy, is one of many things Iíll get right

So before itís too late
Letís be together, and not disrupt fate
For when it is cold
You are the only one, I wish to hold

I swear by the stars and the skies above
That no matter what happens; you are the only one that I love