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Margaret D. Jaques


Savannah, GA, US

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Margaret D. Jaques

I lie on a hammock between two tall Pine trees,
amoung my Azaleas blanketed with fallen oak leaves.
For the sleeping Magnolia's sweet scent I had wept,
as I drift into memories of Garden's well kept.

Alas! I dream Spring - along my own garden path,
my own children before me as they play and they laugh.
Discovering secrets - as I tell them old stories that bond,
while Mother Nature blooms beauty with her own magic wand.

Searching for morsels - a Squirrel scurries along.
A flurry of Red - perches a Cardinal in song.
I twirl my parosol, in my own dreamy state,
as I find myself dancing within My Mother's garden gate.

She is young And so lovely - she blooms with a smile,
calling me over to sit and talk for awhile.
Oy! The memories of Mom! My dream is so Clear!
Of her sharing old stories that she holds so dear.

A Dove coos contentment. My mind recollects.
I am sipping tea on my Son's garden deck.
My granddaughter picked buttercups. A simple bouquet-
yet another precious memory to add to my day!

Oh! How I dream! I can dream, can I not?
Two sisters sharing memories at this very spot!
Daughters of Mothers in Gardens to gleen,
reminiscing storys of old and the Love they have seen.

I awaken refreshed. I offer up a sweet prayer-
for Mothers and Daughters that are found everywhere.
My stroll through dreamy gardens from whence I have slept,
and the beautiful stories of memories well kept.