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Steve Janci


Catasauqua, PA, US

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Steve Janci

Minimal, everlasting
Passes, heals, kills
Dismal, depressing, inspiring, all-consuming

My Little Demon


Steve Janci

A Demon haunts my world!
Am I the one to Blame?!
For its criminal the way I FEEL!
That I want to kill!
To seek this evil thrill.
Its not ant drug of special PILL!
The WAY I want to feel!
There is no Prescription that I can fill.
For this world I am Blind!
And I feel like a MIME!
How loneliness makes you feel!
DEAD & UNREAL is all what you see!
You can't understand,
How unhappy I truly AM.

By: Misty



Steve Janci

Satchel of Harmonicas. A case of the blues.
My questions have no marks.
My exclamations have no point.

Second fiddle in the Opera.
Yeehaw Figarro.
Past par disciple.
The waters flood, God dam it.

Pope Paul on the John?
Holy shit!
Shrines. Porcelain and Alabastard.

Egocentric agnostic. Do I exist?

Attacking the I. A tack in the eye.

Seeing be seeing. Believing believing.

Talmudics fingerpaint.
Better return the brush.
Aw nuts.
Cashew. Gazundheit.