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I had a dream one night,
and it was almost as if you were here.
I could almost hold you,
and I could almost touch you.
But some how you still seemed so distance,
almost as if you were never here.
But in my dream,
no matter where I turned you were there,
Either sitting right next to me,
or waiting for me under the light of the moon
Everything seemed so perfect,
but some how I knew it wasn't.
I knew that once u came home,
nothing would be as it was before.
You had changed so much,
and me,
I was still the same as when you left me.
I knew that you would be leaveing me agian,
and once agian i would be left dreaming

I need you now



I need you now,
I can't stand the distance.

I need you now,
I can't stand the pain.

I need you now,
I can't stand the sadness

I need you in my life,
I need you now

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