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My Life



Here I lie in this place of pain
My tears run down like a pouring rain
I lived my life in endless vain
Running through the streets, serving cain
One hand on my girl and one on my gun
I just couldnt deal with living on the run
Times were fast and times were fun
And now the hardships just begun
I don't know why I did what I did
When did I start, was I just a kid
Maybe the love, Maybe the 'cid
No matter now, I'll do my bid
All around us young and old
I never knew a world so cold
But I stand tall and I stand bold
Listen close as my story's told
Back to the girl who excepts my calls
From deep within these prison walls
She takes the burdens as I took the falls
Cause shes got the heart and I've got the balls
The end will come, I can see the light
The tunnel is dim but the end is bright
One last battle yet to fight
One last chance to make things right
My time will come and I won't hide
I'll stand up straight and walk with pride
For the things I've done, I'll put it aside
And devote my life, to my bride
When you met me I told you that thug'n is all I know
Drugs, guns, women, I can't stand living slow
Do you remember the nights we used to ride
You were my partner like Bonnie and Clyde
What about that night we saw that punk I robbed
He should have weaved, he should have bobbed
He never got up and you never were the same
I tried to explain, but you said you understood the game
You knew the danger in old enemy's walkin
When the cops come they'll be no talkin
I bought you a gun and it went to your head
People got hurt and blood was shed
We went on a spree, robbing every dealer in sight
Wasn't scared of anything, didnt care if it was right
Investigations were started, detectives couldnt get a clue
Until them dealers got shook and told them all they knew
I wouldnt give in so its me they got
Those bricks you saw were my only shot
I trusted you and would never let you go down
So I took the blame and left that f'n town
Upstate I went to this living hell
To rot for years in this cold ass cell
You said you'd hold your breath till I got out
So once again I trusted you and never had a doubt
It didn't take long for all that to end
You didn't have the heart to be my friend
I was tired of being a thug and watching people die
Tired of the drugs and living a lie
Thug'n is why you loved me and wasn't ready to quit
Maybe you'll change your mind when you do a bit
I'll move on from here and never look back
You did me wrong and that's that
I know someone who loves me for me
For the man I am and man I can be
It's her I love and give all my trust
Never again will I hear the gun bust
I'm just a convict and she can do much better
But no matter what I'll always get a letter
She may live on another coast
But when she's in my arms, this I'll toast
I have you now and will never let go
And being a thug is NOT all I know