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Sunny James


Yokohama-Shi, Japan

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Sunny James

Once a man owned a boat.
Once a man owned a goat.
Then that man then scratched his throat
Because he swam across the moat.
And what a man was he.

Once a girl had a cat
Who sat herself upon a mat
This naughty cat could eat a bat
And so it did and then said "drat!"
And what a cat was he.

In a house lived a boy
This little boy owned a toy
His toy smiled a tad bit coy
And so his heart was filled with joy
And what a boy was he.

Once a girl did own a hat
Once a girl did own a cat
This little cat would catch a rat
She ate the rat and got quite fat
And what a girl was she

Once a dog did own a pot
When on the stove it grew quite hot
This little pot he liked a lot
And kept it clean from any grot
And what a dog was he.