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Sunny James


Yokohama-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan

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A Famtasy


Sunny James

To Jump and glide from the highest mountain
And while in flight to see
The earth below in perfect calm
Is just a dream to me
For peace on earth will never be.

To like a roe run far away
And while away to find
The nations joining hands at last
Is only in my mind
For peace will never free mankind

To touch the stars and view our world
And while in space to hear
The killing stop and terror cease
A fantasy 'tis clear
For peace will never conquer fear.

The Shiner


Sunny James

Above a full and busy town,
One dark and lonely winter night,
Far, far away from the glowing moon,
And it's light;

Hung a tiny, tiny glistening star,
By itself and not so bold.
Twinkle, twinkle shone that star,
In the cold.

Though not a very glorious light,
Shed our dedicated friend,
Enthusiastically it stated,
"To the end;

"I'll sparkle warmly all my days,
So all in every house shall see,
That I can do a simple task,

"Yes, some other stars may be
More big and bright than I.
But together we make up the magic;
Of the sky."

So let men in every country
Take a lesson from this star.
Be content in being lowly, and be happy
Where you are!



Sunny James

I find myself at loss for words,
Although, at times, they have no end,
But here and now, what can I say
To right the wrong Iíve done my friend?

Oh, God, my soul within me shakes,
For such a pain I have no name.
How poor to make such sad mistakes!
In Thee alone redemption lies.

Of all the things Iíve botched this year
The stack of which is high and wide,
ĎTis this one thing that grieves me still;
Because of me my friend has cried.

ĎTis not a dress that stitch could mend
but a heart that spilt its blood.
The heart of one, a precious friend
And God alone must bind and heal.

"Tis silent now I know His voice.
I see Him not; I hear Him speak:
He tells me that He loves me still
He made me thus: He made me weak.

Of weakness I would have no part
The wish of me is to be wise
That I might never break a heart
Why is the nature of me so?

" ĎTis only this, my child bride
the road that long will surely turn
with Human error comes My Grace
where flames of tender love can burn.

If it were not that two hearts tore
I could not soothe them into one
So you must learn to see Me more
Discover truth; hold no regret."

In His assurance I find my words,
As humans we must give and bend.
To know the love that finally says,
"I love you even more, my friend."

The Pulling Through


Sunny James

A winterís dream in darkness deep,
A springtime breeze when fast asleep.
The autumn rain that cools my skin,
The summer song of natureís kin.

A broken heart; a noble sword,
A joy that riches canít afford.
Sweet gossamer around me falls
As did your arms behind these walls.

Tears to bleed the sickened soul
And wine, my friend, to numb the whole.
If all of me in thee I find
Iíve certainly a senseless mind.

I lie beneath the empty bed
Where just before you laid your head.
A ton of iron weighs me down.
My night is here on flagstone ground.

My eyes now shut I drift away
To where I met you on that day.
The dream is always just the same;
You have no face you have no name.

I struggle hard to see the eyes,
I call for you; your soul replies.
With not a word you take my hand
And where I am is where you stand.

Another misty dawn appears;
My spirit, damp and stained with tears
Awakens once again its frame
To pass the days as dumb and lame.

She trails about a mortal chore
But I am there upon that floor
Iíll never leave that sacred spot
Whether you are there or you are not.

This pen; it quivers in my palm
For such a pain there is no balm.
And no physician has a cure
To heal me from love this pure.

The bells they toll for one who died
They say she was a lovely bride.
Sadly, too, she past along
Mumbling a Celtic song.

Many wept for her that day.
Yes, those that loved her pined away.
Remembering the good alone
They planted her beneath a stone.

I must for those that need me now
Forget about the dream somehow.
Tie the bag with stones around
And leave the secret sunk and drowned.

Remembering the magic flare
That made me want to be and care.
Recall that we became as one
And nothing ends what loveís begun.



Sunny James

I will leave you behind now
For the East bids me come
As the bluebells have fallen
So I must go home

I will leave you behind now
And Iíll take you along
Placing our future
In the eye of my song

I will leave you behind now
And yes, I have wept
Like we both knew we would
When the fortnight had slept

I will leave you behind now
A cup in your hand
For we drank in the beauty
Of your Celtic land

I will leave you behind now
My heart knows its path
Our whispers will Llyngyr
In the staged aftermath

I will leave you behind now
And it is there you must stay
Disguised in my memories
Of the Breckens in May.

Just One


Sunny James

I was, at most, just one;
Flailing in a blind escape.


Like a tree,
You covered me,
And washed us
In your ever green.
Always seen
And always heard
I was to you,
My young love_

Watered me with sweet affection.
And did my petals grow!
Then didnít we,
Two fertile streams,
Coast toward
Collective dreams?
Toward the otherís waiting reaches?

Away from one and into two;
Playful bubbles without a clue.

Horns ahead, you were undaunted
ĎTill you adjusted what you wanted;
It was no longer me.
In the sadness Iím undone
And find I am again
Just one.