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Jim Jambois


La Crosse, WI, US

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What's The World?


Jim Jambois

What's the World made of?
I know; it's held together by love.
What's in an embrace?
I know; the warmest gesture in the human race.
What's in the tears amorous people shed?
I know; sometimes they cry for romance dead.
What's in the softest touch?
I know; the phrase " I love you so much."
What's in doubting people you trust?
I think it's that you don't trust enough.
What's in the sunset being shared?
I know; to tell people you cared.
Then what, what's in a kiss?
I know, merely this...



Jim Jambois

one blue day a total stranger
walked into my sight, and though
I didn't get really stop to stare
I got a good look at her.

She was in pink and green,
with blonde over blue, maybe,
but not the light blue
I had grown accustomed to,
and she smiled and laughed,
and made friends in the class,
and to this day l still don't know
where the heck she came from.

To A Waterfowl


Jim Jambois

'Twas Bryant who first made this mistake,
for a duck to poetry does not kndly take,
and while l am a patient man,
I think his poem can hit the can.

Has he no respect for wildlife?
Could he not leave animalia alone?
If "ode" he was thinking ( while he was drinking)
he could have wrote an ode
to the telephone.

A duck, a waterfowl, a sea-faring bird?
did he expect the feathers to answer?
I fear him ill, within his brain,
from some strange form of cancer.

Again he tried, in "Thanatopsis" too,
to show the side of death unbeknownst to you
had he been less morbid and perhaps a tad bit cheery
he would not have had to write on death,
over a strawberry daquiri.