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Michael Leo Jacques


Clementsvale, NS, CA

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deepening the abyss


Michael Leo Jacques

in the evening, when the sun goes down . . .
and stars come up to shine,
i feel my tears all lifted, my happiness dropped --
no reason, no rhyme.
deepening the abyss: it's what you seem to do,
but is that really all?
there must be something more to find, somewhere
out there; it can't be this small.
i feel so trapped at times (generally), hardly free,
is that my whole story?
in these starry eyes, there isn't much ahead --
i lost my pride and gained no glory.
why do you continue to lie, telling me money isn't everything?
like there's really more to life.
family and friends all go, don't you know?
in the end happiness just causes strife.
so why do we care; why do we put so much emphasis on the game,
this evil game called life?
do we really think that we can win, that we'll overcome?
do we not yet know there's nothing else? . . . no reason, no rhyme