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Denver Sherman Jacobs


Harare, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

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When is it okay?


Denver Sherman Jacobs

To say good bye
When is it time to let go
When does the heart heal the pain
When do we live again
Why is goodbye so sad
Why is hello so nice
Who will break the ice
When do the tears stop
When does the rain end
Will my heart really mend
When do we laugh
when do we cry
Who will say goodbye
Why do we love
Why do we hate
Why the debate
Who gives up
Who goes on
When is it time to move on
Give me a reason
Give me a song
Then I will know its time to be gone
Love so nice
Life so sweet
Who in this race do we have to beat
So kind
So cruel
Who remains the fool
Now I sleep inside this box
No way out
No pad locks
Now I know its time to rest
Sleep tonight I did my best