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Adam Jacobs


Morgantown, WV, US

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On Life's Behalf


Adam Jacobs

It might seem like all destinies are forged
With a hammer that knows no remorse
Like you have nothing to alter the path
That you must walk down in due course

Must grow older and grow taller
Grow weak with you gaining age
Grow from child to a father
Your life a story on an empty page
In a book that reads like all others
About a life that you might have enjoyed
On a page that looks like your father's
To a death you couldn't avoid

But whether unsatisfied or content
And whether wondering where it went
Or wishing that it might stay longer
So that you might live life to its fullest extent
To all of the living come the whispers of the dead
Warning all against the hope of fleeing
Or thinking optimistically forever instead
That they're that essential speck of being

But to know why we die is to know why we cry
When we think of eternal peace
How can we forget that we haven't met
Death could be life's Second Coming
And though death comes to all for some there's no end
For the soul carries on always after
Just think of your life before you cry and
Muse over it with a smile and laughter