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Drew Jacob


Virgina Beach, VA, US

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River Maker


Drew Jacob

I have dug a riverbed, 
in hopes that one day,
I might have something
that could flow through it.

I started high up in the mountains,
making tiny troughs for the runoff
from the melting winter snow,
that slowly trickle towards each other,
forming a stream,
    (a babbling creek),
In which I have placed every tiny pebble
by hand.

Down into the hills;
oxbow curves and deep fishing holes,
and a waterfall,
that resides deep within the forest,
so that only those who truly wish to know its beauty,
will take the time to go and find it.

Out onto the flatland,
winding absent mindedly towards the sea.
I have thought out and carefully planned
the placement of every stone
in each of the many rapids,
that will churn the water white.
I made miniature islands
that sit between the two river banks,
covered in reeds and cats tails.
The swift currents that flow around them,
and out into the ocean,
are warm from the summer sun.

At the mouth of the river,
it spews its contents out into the sea,
making part of the ocean my own,
making part of its beauty mine, to share with 
anyone who cares enough to stop and smell the salty air.

But for now,
my river remains dry,
Just as it will until I feel it is time
to empty my soul into it,
to pour all that I am into it, 
and stand back and look at my vain attempt at perfection in awe,
and think of how close I had gotten.