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Siby Jacob


Scarborough, ON, CA

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City of One


Siby Jacob

Concrete and Asphalt and mazes of stone
Blockade the light from the blackness inside.
Shadows loom over a city of one
Itís soul pitched and tossed like a corpse on the tide.

The structure is crumbling , like castles of sand
For one trapped within, escape is not real
Though physical boundaries can be crushed by the hand
The bars for the spirit are tempered with steel

One is not governed by ministers or kings
Creatures of flesh sit not on its throne
Fear and regret rule over all things
Clutching and clawing the shreds of the soul.

The voices cry out but oneís is not raised
The faces revolve, like stars round the sun
Distanced by elements much greater than space
Alone in the centre of a city of one

Captive within the cell of the mind.
The reality line is erased and redrawn
The division fades fast, soon too faint to define
Midnight and noon blend into the dawn.