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Korea Jackson


East Orange, NJ, US

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Korea Jackson

The fire dances
Sending living hieroglyphics
Of black beauties moving across my walls
It seems strange to me
The silence I hear in these halls

The night for some reason
Seems to be to deep
And my heart hurts
As if love had died in sleep

I walk silently through the corridors
That usually complain
Knowingly, tonight, they have yet to say a thing

The fire throws itself more recklessly
The beauties contort to keep the pace
It's funny how all except the heart
Knows when love has fallen from grace

I watch from inside myself
Seeing her in your arms
I recoil from the coldness you give
Thats now keeping her warm

But even the fires can't blaze on forever
Even the beauties need their rest
And my soul is too weary from loving
My heart not quite up to the test

So I leave you my love
With your own devils to fight
Knowing you won't win

I leave you my love
In the fire to burn
By the flames of your own sin