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Folsom, LA, US

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Minnesota Online

A Deadly Love


Khalida J.

On a snowy, white Christmas Day
I awake my love with kisses four
My heart is shattered, the tears roll
My heart melts and sores
We been together two years strong
All I do never seems to turn him on
I tried conquering his heart with rings
With all these things where did I go wrong
He's as handsome as the stars in the sky
His cheeks are like a fading rose
His hair is short, his eyes are wild
When we first met I almost froze
I always loved him no matter what
Even if his love was false or true
So I sat down and told him
"Nothing matters more to me than you."
So what's a girl to do
When she's confused and emotionally abused
By an unfaithful lover
Who has been caught and has no excuse
I see them holding hands
Walkind in the park
I think of sweet revenge
Just wait 'til dark
The sun sets and the moonshines
I grab my gun and sneak from behind
As I pulled the trigger, I started to cry
One shot, two shots, the boy is now mine
I dragged his body beside the tree
Then I tied the rope around his head
No pain, I felt
He deserves to be dead

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