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Lisa Marie Järlborn


Stockholm, Sweden

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In the mirror.


Lisa Marie Järlborn

I wish I´d never seen you
I wish you weren´t there
I wish I hadn´t been you
...I thought I didn´t care

I dream at nights for someone else
I dream to be brand new
I wish at day for someone else
but still there´s only you

I think I´d like to be you,
if you would be me too
But never when you´ve seen me
I looked at all like you

Thou sometimes I do fall asleep
and I do find you where
That other me is fast asleep
and I no longer care.

Multi-personality disorder


Lisa Marie Järlborn

I love how you do that thing,
That thing that makes you YOU
I wish I also had a thing
To make me be ME too

There is a running crowd
A mocking mob of personalities
Scaring me_
Whenever I try to be,
Whatever they expect of me

I stumble along the darkened moors
I fall to the ground on slippery floors
I clean my face with shoe leather cream
And laugh at myself for being obscene

I laugh in my face for not being myself
I do any good thing
As somebody else

I give me a ring
On the telephone
And tell me to come the hell back home

I give me a hollar
From the other side of the universe
(For all the non-me’s can divide and disperse)

But I’ll never come back ’cause I’ve ended it now
Been telling myself anyhow:

"You’ll have to do with multi-personality disorder
That’s an order"