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Nicolai Iwanoff


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Millennium - (Dedication)


Nicolai Iwanoff

The dawning of the
new millennium,
will mean different things,
to ... many people,
but nevertheless... let us few,
who ... have been blessed,
to share its coming,
take time ... to ponder,
upon the many ...,
not so fortunate,
who gave of themselves,
and bestowed upon us,
their love ... and care.

And may ...
by their ... memory,
a shadow be cast,
into ... the next millennium,
whereby, imbedded in our psyche,
they shall reside ...,
to ... light our path,
that we might, by their legacies
so inherited ... by us,
fulfil our destiny,
and ... if cherished,
perpetuate also forever,
their ...

A Place - (As dedicated to "Ruth")


Nicolai Iwanoff

The silence ... falls
with subdued grace
upon that home
we once called our place

Where no more
will that creative eye
spread with brush
a coloured dye

That which showed
what lay ... deep within
shared only rarely
with ... but next of kin

A mosaic spirit
rich ... and torn
where ere could shelter
the many forlorn

And ... subjects
which now long since gone
would come to rest
on ... canvas worn

And so ... it is
as it... does descend
that memories sown
will ... never end

But ... in future
nourished ... and fed
will come to life
in ones ... cherished bed.