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Sasha Gabrielle Islam


Wichita, KS, US

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The Importance of Dreaming


Sasha Gabrielle Islam

Let yourself go,
open your mind to dream.
See and feel the unexpected,
watch a star glitter and gleam.

Make wishes come to life,
something you want to create.
A magical wand to use,
or plan out your fate.

Flip through pages of words,
all written in a book to be read.
Pages full of worded pictures,
made to describe images in your head.

Dreams happen day and night,
some come to life while awake.
Either the day you dreamed of,
to meeting that person to cure your deepest ache.

Give into the depths of sleep,
don't fight it anymore.
You'll lose more than you could ever win,
so close your eyes to open your inner door.