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Sasha Gabrielle Islam


Wichia, KS, US

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Lovers, Victims of Love


Sasha Gabrielle Islam

What a couple,
pair of star-crossed lovers.
Both have been hurt,
neither shedding their covers.

Covers made of steel,
retreating into their shell.
Walls built from the past,
to guard them when they fell.

Now, her wall's have melted,
she wants to give him her all.
He's still too scared,
so he pushes away behind his wall.

He's been beaten and abused,
left behind and taunted.
Many he's loved has left him,
their inflicted pain leaves him haunted.

She never knew all his secrets,
thinking it best not to pry.
Hoping he'd let her in on his fears,
not shover her away to cry.

His pain is ages old,
in his blood, bone deep.
He misses her after she's gone,
dreaming of her in his sleep.

She accepts the rejection again,
going to wait for him to come around.
Distracting herself with projects,
trying not to let her tears fall down.

He avoids her when he can,
thinking she's cheating.
Should know better though,
even if others left him fleeting.

Her heart is stuck in limbo,
don't know where to go.
She stays where she is now,
wondering when he'll say, "Hello."

He doesn't know something else,
how she misses him so much.
Not knowing that she cries,
daydreaming of his loving touch.

She doesn't feel special,
not when awake anymore.
She's wanting that light kiss,
simple love that was there before.

He won't hear her out,
not listening to the other side.
Being stubborn and willful,
when she tries to tell the truth and confide.

She's afraid now too,
in fear that he may choose to leave.
Holding on to her love for him,
continuing to hope and believe.