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Del Isherwood


Citronelle, AL, US

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She Is


Del Isherwood

She is my shilling light,
within the darkness of my night.

She is my strength and faith..
that has brought my dreams to life..

She is my morning dove..
that fills my heart with completion.

She is my gift of love..
that god has bestowed upon me.

She is my substance of honor..
that fills my heart with pride.

She is my beautiful rose..
that has blossomed within the early spring.

She is my spiritual self..
that has conceived my very soul.

She is my whispering wind..
that breathes life deep within.

She is all that I have known.
and I love her.

She Awakes


Del Isherwood

As the early morning dawn beckoned
upon the shadows that laid weary.
She would awaken beautifully.
And in silence tenderly cure my heart.

chiming the rhythms that pulsate within my soul.

that remind me of correlated lines between realities.

I suffer not from love.
for love I have.

My uttermost sorrow reticulates
from reflection.

This pain has unkindly embellished
my soul.

And as she awakes beautiful
and tenderly cures my heart
I am reminded once again.
That I love her.

Midnight Moon


Del Isherwood

Midnight stars above,
swaying the promisers of life.

These circulated realms of our redemption sparkle
the innermost prayers we seek.

However the clouds loathingly hide her from the truth,
As they perambulate her substance.

Midnight moon above,
illuminating the silhouettes of our dreams.

Why shall we all cry vanity,
For the night shall promise her obscurity of light.

O Midnight stars above,
measure not thee reflectance of my soul.
For time shall change all things.
However time I cannot change.

The Stranger


Del Isherwood


I slept upon her winters breath
painfully sorrowed.

from shallow tears that watered the moons crest.

by dreams that closed my heart,

Not sleeping within this transfusing storm.

Like a whirlwind of fusions
echoing there and about
tearing upon the walls of my soul.

The night wind soothes my ashes
yet my soul prodigiously leaves without hesitation in silence.

I have watched this sand of my life
sift lowly away.

What I am,
Is what I have become.

The stranger.

North Of Eden


Del Isherwood

The Angels gently walked
within those boundaries set by our Lord
Just North of Eden.

The river shallowed in the early morn of the second day as the sparrows delicately called upon
her nestlings to hush.

From dust creation of life emulated
the prolusion of death.

Only the Ghost that lives within us imperially wonders.
Within the sundries
Of Eden.

The Prayer


Del Isherwood

The rain,
tediously whispered romantics
as I laid there within sleep.

These enchantments,

Of insightful melodies,
luminously shadowed upon my own wall of realities.

Like the sands that bevelled the shores of my life.

And as the wind gently fluttered through an open window the mist of the rain fell upon my face.

Like the prayer of my angel.
It was hard for me to leave all that I had ever known.

Shall I dream now?
Or just sleep.

O Dark Star


Del Isherwood

The raining light reached desolately
within the shadow of her full moon.

And as the stars cried conspicuously
she brazed my heart with her silence.

The wind pondered upon a sad melody of enchantments for the dark star.

However she remained silent without

All the constellations within heaven
gathered to give her the last prayer.

O dark star
God shall miss your

The Yellow Rose


Del Isherwood

Oh my red rose.

Without my heart how shall I adorn

I have gazed upon you from a distance tenderly throughout all seasons end.

Sometimes within the mist of the night
I can see your shadows redirection.

Casting many images of unknown tribulations.

Oh my red rose.

When the morning light shines upon thee
my heart bellows.

You are the foremost love of my life.

I await these glorious moments
as time leaves,
trailing memories of you.

Oh my red rose.

I am but a yellow rose
within this garden we lay.

Perhaps you have loved another
with such beauty and splendor,

And perhaps one day you shall know of me.

Until then I shall gaze upon you from a distance.

But not for your beauty and red glow.

I gaze only
for your love.

I am but a yellow rose.
within your garden.



Del Isherwood

The darkness of the night slumbered
Floating like forbidden prayers as I kissed her dormant lips.

And as the wind rained ashes of a promise that were washed away,
her tears fell upon my face.

Lightning etched deep blue veins across
the horizon just north of her dancing shadow,
as the thunder breached her silhouette.

O how I have sensuously surrendered
futilely without refuge.
this night revealing her tears.

Snow Tears


Del Isherwood

The Whispering Wind once again has
consummated hearts within this moonlit snow.

Heavens loveliest angel has been recriminated by God.

In sad precipitation she has lost those tiny crystal tears,
now frozen upon my very Ghost.

These symbolizations of her lost emotions from the guardian of truth,
tiny crystals of hope
swirl within a lionly pine
that time has forsaken.

The Fallen Angel without visualizations
has lost the powers
of what shall be and what shall not be.

That lost esprit of dreams
captured in time without promise.

Forsaken by all that is known
God and his kingdom
pained with this disarray.

The Archangel with two hearts
has yielded and reprised a love.

These conflagrations reach the heart of a fallen angel,

and he weeps.

Her Moonlit Night


Del Isherwood

And as the Moon deliberates with the stars that surround her from above the last vowel of silence
within her slumbers.

And now her ornamentation of time,
propitiates bleakly
from that imagination that she once loved.

Lonely with desolation.

Struggling through the pathways of her life,
she now finds herself strangling
between the borders of life and death.

Knowing that most realities are only dreams.
Pleading to no one about herself.

Like a dementias child of the night,
illuminated beyond those tears,
from the memories of deceivers,
that broke that spirited heart.

She weeps with her eyes closed.
Falling deeper and deeper.

Dreaming of dreams.
that entreated her soul.

There shall be no more pain to propitiate her sorrows any longer.

This lovely heart that has been fractiously torn away
shall never see a reprisal.

So on this moonlit night the stars know of her,

and peace shall she find.



Del Isherwood


I have assimilated these stars in heaven for you.

For I have loved impiously..
beyond those said stars above.


Of all the wasted moments in my life
from you,

and now my emotional tribulations undefined shall never be explained.


I have manipulated your heart
and denounced my soul for you.

Death sleeps within these shadows
that make claim of my heart.

I shall not repent to heaven nor man
for love.

The Willow


Del Isherwood

The wind confessed to her softly
as the moon repented
within the silence of the moment.

And as the stars glistened upon her she would twirl spawning tears,
with an exuberance of bright shadows and reflections pictured within the silhouettes indecisively deprived by God.

She seeped through the willows of time
hollowed with beauty,
splendor and mystery.
a magnificent perfection with secrets untouched.

Weep my willow
Weep soft upon my heart.

The Perspective Shadow


Del Isherwood

The Shadows
Beseeching the light within the darkness.

Two souls that now drift
and move together are bound.

They Lye not within the pull of the moon.

The flower is drawn into the warmth
of light,
as petals shall open one by one

In thought and form I have loved
basked within her warmth.

Fires glowing embers fade perhaps,
but not at this very moment.

I wane and die not from patience.
for love is luminous,

Push not back the night,
as bright circles fickle the light,

As with love that flickers.
flames intruding burst.

Burning the deepest recesses
of my soul
once again,
I shall become silent,

just as the tide pulls from the moon.



Del Isherwood

And as the Night falls upon her once again,
she lies there.

Her skin warmed by waking dreams,
she burns within her heart
for those paltry secrets.

Laced and falling like candle wax
her shadows jump and flow
across the walls.

As she turns away to stare blankly into this flame..
she can hear them.

Those whispers,
in the dark running among those shadows.

grazing her all about.
Those whispers..
Clear like a running brook,
reveal nothing to her.

Two empty voices speak to her waking dreams,,

within those fairest of moments.

Secret fears of untold years,
Honeyed endearments.
Remorse for wrongs undone.
Regrets for actions taken.

The simple pleas for another empty acceptance,
and once again,


The whispers of a path untaken,
Granites of reality.
Her candle flame falters and
dies a sudden death,

She is plunged into the outer darkness
to live once again with her solitude.
Awaiting those whispers to return, 
drawn unwillingly,
battered by the night's
She cries..
within the silence of her moment,

for them whispers.
Forever Unknown.

The Nightbird


Del Isherwood

The northern wind furiously reputed
the tears of the night bird
as she cried her benediction of hymns.

Within the bitter chill of this early snow
the mountain with no name
maliciously forbade her
infusing despairs.

Tribulations defile the commandments
without meaning.

Endowing tears grace upon the gift
and preying upon her prayers.

Ice from the heavens
above form a crystal crown
of thorns that laid frozen upon the night bird's head.

And as her holy song echoed

the spirit of god leaves the night,
and the lord weeps.
For he knows of her.

Unclaimed Time


Del Isherwood

Standing here bathed in solace
of all those shadows unknown,
capturing bright stars
falling from the moon.

Glitter in a gift as delicate as your soul.
Praying that this moment will not pass too soon.

When someone who loves you
feels you are alive,
the kiss from their lips melts like the moist dew.

Enhanced within thee elations that awaken the senses while nights are painted a soft prussian blue.

Never a mystery for you know every touch,
Inhaling fragrances which drift through the air.

Embraced in those miracles of circles that move lingering in caresses on silkness left bare.

This Nocturnal darkness shall pass the moods upon the stars of the night,

The poetic emotion,
My impression of words unspoken.

Like fragile pieces of stained colored glass, mirrored in a barrier unable to be broken
life's secrets embrace the whispers of a heart in love,

Shielded in our hopeful dreams there shall come another tomorrow.

And those dancing reflections of our emotions of love cry out to be known,

though unclaimed moments

often become,
time borrowed.

The Moon


Del Isherwood

Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth.

Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth.

And ever changing,
like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

Diamonds Upon Her Pillow


Del Isherwood

He gives her diamonds
kept within her pillow.

Those tiny drops of crystal
that tear her life apart.

to her late at night
when no one else could hear.

She shall try to make up reason,
for the burning sting of tears.

She Begs..
for the answer,
to understand.. this pain and fear,

She pushed away...
and tears come back,
like clouds to stay.

She wants to leave without the truth,
but it is much harder..
than it seems.

Someday will come another,
to find her hopes and dream.

But she will always remember,
the one she could not forget.

The one who gave her diamonds,
that made her pillow wet.

If I


Del Isherwood

If I could paint you my love,

I would paint you like a perfect symmetry,
with colors of bright sunshine,
and deep forest green.

With strokes of evening purples,
and red fire embers.

I would paint thee my beloved,
like canvas of bright hues,
and shades of crimean blues,
and cinnamon browns.

In morning glories of crimson reds,
violets and indigo blues.

I would paint thee in shades of stormy grays and colors of turbulent greens with
waves of deep brooding strokes.

In nightly blacks,
lusty darks of deep joyous songs.

I would paint thee in timeless poems of forgotten love.

Those Springs of eternal streams, meandering from my brush.

With clouds that flow on currents,
as beckoned by this silent hush
in these silly declarations of love.

These sensuous endearments,
sonnets,fables,and serenades.

Cascading from some far away heavens to rest upon my heart.

They but become grains that fill these rushing crashing shores.

I would paint thee in foolish notions of now and forever,

Assuming that love will crest in this moment of happiness.

Dreaming that the lips await the fleeting kiss from the Sun's rays.

With these brushes in hand,
the colors that shine throughout all my days.

I would paint you as lovers rush to fall before their burning love.

In Summer's golden rays and flowers of yellow draped across loving fields.

In deep remembrances of wanting needs and lonely men to sing.

If only I could
paint you my love.



Del Isherwood

Those dreams of snow wafting ..
upon the heavenly winds
here and fro.

Dreams of all those many configurations in my life that confuse my imagination.
and taunt my very soul.

Dreams of billowing storms
that rage without a propitious reason
within the darkness.

The Dream of a silent haven
without any symphonic emotion
that beckon me through out the shadow of this storm.

Dreams of my own procrastination
that I have lived reconciled
without devotions.

Those dreams unknown to me..

My Angel Of Light


Del Isherwood

Shadowing within the profusion of lights that predominate my emotional tribulations.

Thee angel of secrets once again has etched a prayer unbeknownst to me
upon my heart.

I have grieved by night woefully,
withal salutations from these murals which now haunt me.

Bound by the facets of love,
this "light angel"
that I once understood has become dim.

Imperilled beyond the darkness of alluring shadows,
the angel of light shall shine a repentance,
engulfing my soul,
while all along beguiling my perspectives.

Candling a light of realities can sometimes be pretentious yet unpretending.

The Message


Del Isherwood

I tried to leave,

my shadow
begs me to stay.

Calling back the remembrance.
Of a brighter..
happier day...

But those days were so very few
and the shadow..
cannot fathom my dark moments in life.

How could he possibly witness?

For in the dark moments,
he shall cease to be..

What of the times of "love"?
when the light brings forth his dark existence,

And in this light could he then
The times of tender words,
Soft caresses,
Love expressed in lingered glances..

These are not what my shadow is part of,

Being a deference,
from our reality with no collective or purpose.


He could never understand the darkness
of this man,

The crushing of my spirit.

The void inside my soul.

The broken vows,
without faith he could never be retrieved.

The breaking of this heart.

Such a life is beyond his shadowy conception...

He is only just a shadow.
he begs me..
and so ...I must stay.

The Fallen Angel


Del Isherwood

I awoke within the twilight..
of the unknown.

Celestial lights
rained a soft misty array of reassurances

The heavenly condensations immortalized my
heart and soul as one.

The combination was complete.

Within the light
I could see all of those who had persecuted me,
fall into those shadows of their own Persecutions.

My Ghost within romanticized
of a love that I had left behind.

Broken hearted by memories
I rebuked
The Almighty
for allowing heavenly Angels the experience.
Of premeditated love.

Whisper To Me


Del Isherwood

Whisper to me pretentiously,
of my awakenings,

for I know not who I am,
and all my insights shall one day be revisable.

Hold me close within you formidably,

for I know not how long life shall be.
and the preconceptions of the soul can sometimes be bitter,

Beckon unto me without the power of the idealistic compilations,

for I know not how to reply.
To An Angel In Heaven.
Whisper to me.

The Mirrored Image


Del Isherwood

Pondering precariously,
within this mirrored image before me.

Gazing perilously,

upon these dimensions with fourfold boundaries.

I am drawn within the realms of this prodigy.

The Abyss that ominously storms
these sorrowed fourfold boundaries
has no refuge.

Reincarnated by dreams inside this gated sphere,

Untouchable with no timeframes,

I have led myself on this journey to neither here nor fro.

And I say unto you.

One cannot reach inside a mirrored image without reflections.

The Pretender


Del Isherwood

My tears decayed.

Like the white sands upon these shores that now lay dormant within my dreams.

And the rain whispers
haunting melodies that take rapture of my innocence.

Beclouded in vain,

hysteria shall find the deep dark night that impetuously shadows,

the conscious pretender.

The Door


Del Isherwood

The pathway beyond the door is dark!
I have seen it.
I lie not.

Once inside there are no celestial visions,
nor Lords.
Nothing sabbatical,
just comprehensions
of thee,
inevitable darkness.

The pathway beyond the door is cold.
like blazed beguiling snow,
prodigiously tormenting my soul.

The pathway beyond the door is unidirectional,
there is dark
darker and darkest.
and within those realms of silence...
are the darkest servants.

Many embed souls,
upon the cross of hell,
separated from their spirits,
without the ghost of God.

The pathway beyond the door is physiological.
be it within the mind,
body, or soul,

I lie not.

Woe Unto You


Del Isherwood

My demons consume souls for their own retributions.

Shadowing the sparrows that my heart has adorned with pain,

Blinding thus my eyes with these bellowing tones.
Reaching to thee abyss

communion with god
shallows the grave of the redeemed.
Grief resonating my understanding
of truth.

Demonstrative reactions always lie within their silence.
Legions that seek refuge on the four winds are transgressing.

These tears that I remunerate
have no season.

Woe Unto You King Of Darkness
for the sloughing of souls.

For the angels that have fallen know of you by name.

Woe unto your seditious condemnation.

Love Me


Del Isherwood

Forgive me.
For I have fallen out of your grace,
and I stand here not to appease any retributions.

Have Mercy.
For I have covered my eyes to escape the condemnations of life,
yet I have failed.

Heal me.
For the candled flames that once serenaded the angels in my heart have become cold and bitter.

Love me.

She Walks


Del Isherwood

She walked enveloped in darkness,
this stranger beyond my touch.

Beautiful mystery..
I was drawn to such..

She would move through the moon's glow
and start to fade away.

How could I have known,
this angel of yesterday.

She walked alone
through green fields
with white rose upon her hand,

Creating life with fantasies
that I could understand...

She walked symbolizing my life
as daylight turned to dusk ..

She walked ..within my dreams,
wrapped in clouds of dust.

She walks..
within my mind,
that wanders day by day

I know there stands a time..
that God will make it so,
until then,

She walks.

Love Me Not


Del Isherwood

Love me not.
For someday my beauty shall swallow and fade
as like the winter's moment of a silent rose.

Love me not.
For someday you shall fall deep into deceptions and my heart shall you break.

Love me not.
For the bonding of two souls brings
preposterous complications and lost dreams.

Love me not.
For someday I shall fall dependent
upon you,
and my intemperance within,
shall dissipate and change me.

Love me not in vain,
out of loneliness or fear.

For someday my eyes will close
and my soul shall leave..

The Tears Of A Dove


Del Isherwood

The wind dove,
she doth nobly remunerate her heart
unto me.

Oust not this billowing obstruent dreams of thee..

For I shall surrender my fate and renounce my gift of life for these tears.

Thou shall never hear upon earth nor within these heavens a more sorrowful bellowing of tears,
then those of a wind dove.

For whensoever she weeps the tears of salt do rain,
that burn my heart away.

Upon Her Stone


Del Isherwood

She dwelt among untrodden ways,
beside the spring of doves.

A maid unknown,
of whom was loved,
I praised the stars above.

A violet by a mossy stone
half hidden from my eyes!

Starlight moon bright upon this night,
whispers from my love.

This heart is but a shell now,
a soul upon the sea.

I lived unknown,
upon her stone
When she ceased to be.

Love Is


Del Isherwood

Whom I treasure and give freely my Christian
Love,Faith and Hope,
For God gave us a shining light that we can follow in the Dimmest ,Darkness that moves within human life.
And the Lord sends us a promise that sometimes we understand not our undaunted hearts that fall from the stars in heaven.
I have truly walked within these storms that sounder Pain,Grief and Despair from afar,
are we redeemed in the darkest of these moments with this promise?

Yes if we only let love shine above all things that God manifested of his own flesh.
Known in these simple words let US create man in OUR own image.
Mankind must See,Touch,or Appease or be tempted to fall from grace,
Love is within our Spirit and Soul like the thorns that laid upon our Lords head with sorrow ...
and love changes all things in perspective of the simple words (lets us)