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Ashton Isenberg


Pontiac, IL, US

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Goodbye Forever


Ashton Isenberg

I finally have decided,
I'm really truly done.
Done thinkin' I can have you,
Since it really is no fun!

It is no fun to sit here,
And always think of you...
No fun for me to look,
And only find you two.

If you really loved her,
You wouldn't come to me...
But who am I to say,
What you can or can not be!?

I'm forgotten in your eyes,
Only needed when you need.
So this is my goodbye,
I'm setting myself free!

I'm no longer gonna see you,
No longer gonna care.
I'm better than this...
I deserve a chance that's fair!

Goodbye from me forever,
I'm never lookin back!
I'm really gonna try this time,
To get my life on track...

Everytime - For Chrissy


Ashton Isenberg

Everytime you say it,
I come runnin' back.
But this time I don't like the way,
Things ended up off track!

This time it's all different...
Just when things are goin' right,
You always somehow manage...
to get us in a fight!

I'm unsure now...
If I can trust.
Why should I care!?
When your reasons aren't just!

I want to forgive,
But I just can't forget!
Did you really love me?
Prob'ly not I bet!

You keep sayin that you love me,
And how you care about me so...
Is that what you were thinkin',
When you were messin with that HOE!?

So now I need some time,
To sort out all my fears...
'Cuz I can barely look at you,
Without endin' up in tears...