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Isaias Jr.


Los Angeles, CA, US

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I Don't Know You


Isaias Jr.

I don't know you
But you know me
Your eyes are blue
But mine are green.

Blue like the ocean
Green like the grass
I can see the imotion
That won't let me pass.

I don't know you
But you know me
Your heart is true
But mine is in grief.

Now I know you
And you know me,
Together we move
Out into the see.

Morning to Night


Isaias Jr.

scintillates, awakens, initiates
alive, lenghty, dead, brief
blackens, drowses, completion
somber, ambitious

My Dog Susie-When Puppy


Isaias Jr.

My dog Susie is white,
She really likes to bite.
Her nose and eyes are black,
he also likes to jump on my back.

My dog Susie is small,
She looks like a little furry ball.
She cries when she is alone,
And hasn't eaten any bones.

My dog Susie has curly hair,
She even tries to jump off of a chair.
I love her very much,
She was the cutest of her bunch.