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Delkhush Aspi Irani


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Mothers Day


Delkhush Aspi Irani

A person who takes care of us is our mother and
thinks about our future ofcourse, no other.

She was the one to feed us when we were small.
She took our pains and troubles ofcourse all.

When we were small she took us to school.
But we stupids thought it was easy to make her a fool.

When we were in tenth she gave us a mobile.
But we never cared about her love file.

When we married she gave us a car.
At that time we realised that from the family and her we were so far.

When she died, there was no such day.
And her children whish her a happy mothers day.

My Dear Aunt Yasmin


Delkhush Aspi Irani

My aunt is Yamin and
Her neice is Jasmine

Yasmin does not care much about her money and
My sister thinks she is really very funny.

She is a woman who is very kind.
But unfourtunately and sorry to say,
her poor old mother is blind.

She is very thin,
but surely fatter than a pin.

She bothers about the rest.
But never ever for a little while to take rest.

She is always very happy and
I too, Delkhush being her neice is very happy.