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Kristin Ide


Great Barrington, MA, US

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Kristin Ide

The walls of my home watched me evolve
from small, to tall. My life does revolve
around the walls that I see,
grown up around me like trees.
The trees whoís branches try to reach,
try to reach out and teach
of love and honor and respect and peace.
We try to live by these rules everyday
in every single, possible way.
Children grow with such innocence
until someone tries to convince
that they donít understand the roots of their trees,
these people do as they please.
These children turn into leaders
who turn into pleaders
asking for more children to learn about them.
They ask for our freedom and ask for our men.
The leaders thrive in our willingness to serve.
They donít care, they donít have the nerve
to teach us to play together and learn how to share
or learn how to love or how to care.
They ask the children to stand for their rights,
they ask then to fight unneeded fights.
Is this right? My walls taught me love, honor and trust
not to go out and kill because we are told that we must.
My children will see the wounds that we suffer
and the walls I place them in will be no real buffer
for what is really going on in this world where we abide.
Im starting to lose all of my pride
in the walls I was raised in by my parents who tried
to teach me of love and peace and pride.