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Striving for perfection



Our senses allow us to experience the exceptional wonders around us.
Itís the only stuff that allow us to understand this life.
Yet we do not value it enough to perfect our lives.
God has not created us in a perfect form.
This does mean that our souls and bodies are not perfect.
In order to perfect our souls and bodies we have to strive to become perfect.
That is, perfect from inside.
Before helping another to become perfect we have to perfect ourselves.
We can do this by getting advice from others and using it to perfect ourselves.
Good advice, right advice and logical advice.
Vice versa as well.
It must be now clear that sharing is important.
It should also now be clear that in order to perfect ourselves,
We have to value our senses.
Because our senses allow us to experience life.
And only through experience can we allow ourselves to become perfect.