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Kris Hymore


West Point, NY, US

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Kris Hymore

I gaze into the starry night,
And my mind is filled with wonder.
Not even the cold wind penetrates my thoughts,
Or breaks the spell Iíve fallen under.

A strong sense of my own vulnerability,
The kind we all incessantly deny,
Quickly spreads throughout my entire body,
From one glance up, at the night sky.

Suddenly, all Iíd ever accomplished,
Seemed both futile and near obsolete.
Closing my eyes to the truth of this notion,
I feel the ground fall away from my feet.

My mind travels up among all the stars,
And their light embraces and warms me.
I feel the power that each star commands of the night,
And previous wonder turns into envy.

When I open my eyes, I am back on the ground,
But the world that surrounds me feels strange.
As the sun slowly announces morning has come,
I try to sense what inside me has changed.

The smothering blackness is once more defeated,
For each morning the light must endure.
Itís strength falls on the dreamers, like I,
And on dreamers who dreamt there before.

No more does the sun make me feel small;
I no longer feel lost and alone.
All I questioned, now clear as day, breaking around me
As if somehow Iíve always known.

Every great idea and every discovery made,
Began with someone and their dream.
They too must have felt small and trivial once,
Standing under a single starís beam.