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Mark Hyman


Walnut Creek, CA, US

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Ramblings of the last born again Dharma Bum of the old new west


Mark Hyman

Star, Mountain.
Star, Mountain, River.
Star, Mountain, River, Sea.
Star, Mountain, River, Sea, Thee.

We share the night
We journey through the dawn

The Three Passions


Mark Hyman

I have three passions.

The first passion is night.
The soft, the quiet, the dark, the night.
Night is when the muses dance.
Night is when I find my soul and fly.
In the night all is possible.
I stand alone in the night and create.

The second passion is shore.
The windswept, the pounded, the salty, the shore.
The shore is where the muses live.
The shore is where my mind explores the world.
On the shore all is possible.
I stand alone on the shore and breathe.

The third passion is missing.
The hole, the void, the empty, the missing.
Missing are the muses.
Vacant are my soul, my mind.
Fill the void and all is possible.
I stand alone and am.

Black Robes, White Long Johns


Mark Hyman

Black robes and white long Johns.
Black robes and white long Johns.

Gone, lost, away, beyond;
Sitting on stone and facing inward.

Alone in the dark.
Seeking light,
Alone in the cold.
Seeking truth,
Alone on a journey.
Seeking self.

I miss your soft voice in the night.
Perilous, sliding down the highway in the rain.

Trapped in night.
Wrapped in cold.
I yearn to know you.

I struggle to guess at what might-could-may-will-isnít-should happen.

We stand as apart as ever.

Contemplating freedom.

Black robes and white long Johns.
Black robes and white long Johns.