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Untitled (For the Moment)



Persecuted for my choices
labeled before I get the chance
You see my reflection as you note the voices
When you listen you wonít want to make that decision in advance.

I thought you would never understand
when you heard the angels cry
Wondering who this soul was and
hoping for a chance to wonder why.

Take a chance to remember
all the times that we had before
Before the knife was pushed deeper
Now ya don't know me any more.

That reflection you see is only skin-deep
ya don't know the true me
Glance deeper into the eyes that will weep
For you, please just try to see.

What the hell did you think you were doing?!
Why did you think you could forget me?
We cherished those memories; donít they have a meaning?!
Please tell me you believe.

I knew that we could never be
What we saw
Who we were
Though the glass had been shattered; so bitterly
Trying not to fall
We gazed upon it bravely
Knowing the end had come to it all.

The persecution, continuing
From you, and from all
Leave me alone, why donít you
And please try not to recall
The memories we shared together
When neither really cared
Knowing the light had become darker
Knowing that we knew nothing at all was the only thing we could share.