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Katharine Hurley


South Surrey, BC, CA

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That Night


Katharine Hurley

The moon shone down,
her face outlined with gold,
and in her eyes,
stars gleamed brightly.

Her look,
so perfect in complexion,
and her features,
crowned with soft silky skin.

A golden hallow of hair,
falling in silky tendrils,
and her neck,
bare and smooth like satin.

Her eyes set in a gaze,
falling upon his,
and the dark brow,
which shadowed his brown pupils.

His strong jaw,
giving him a look of strength,
and the stubble upon his chin,
making his kiss more intriguing.

The few hairs,
which fell out of place,
and the many others,
jelled back neatly.

When held tightly,
a girl coud melt,
and in his strong grip,
she felt safe.